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Maraslavin is a combined herbal preparation for topical application in dentistry with an antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, irritant, astringent, stimulating regeneration and local anesthetic action. At the beginning of treatment the drug causes irritation, congestion and swelling of the mucous membrane of the gums. By hypertonicity maraslavina are removed from the tissues of the gums and the gum pockets of toxic degradation products. Then the increase in the number of collagen fibers observed andriol testocaps bodybuilding their seal, formation of new epithelium and the restoration of normal gingival structures and strengthening the binding periodontal cement of the tooth root.
In the treatment of hemorrhagic form of periodontal disease occurs first decrease swelling and bleeding gums, which become first pale and then pale pink color and compacted, gingival papillae are flat out and gradually pressed against the neck of the tooth to podemalevo-cement border. Gingival pockets are reduced or disappear. When pioreynoy form in the early days of an increase in the amount of purulent exudate, then gradually the amount is reduced to extinction. Papilla resolve, gum edges aligned and tightly pressed to the teeth. There stabilize loose teeth.

haemorrhagic form of gum disease with alveolar pockets. Combined therapy pioreynoy form of periodontal disease. The postoperative period in surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

: Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Dosing and Administration
Locally. Treatment is carried out and the dentist begins with the removal of supragingival calculus. At the same time measures are taken to venting gums spray or a jet of warm water.
Then carry out installation Maraslavina through loose cotton swab into the alveolar bone and pockets with a probe. For this poured into a glass vial 20-25 mL Maraslavina who richly moistened cotton swabs, the size of which depends on the width of the alveolar bone or pocket. Tampons are left in their pockets for 5-6 minutes, and at this time put pads on the other side of the teeth or in the pockets of the adjacent teeth. This procedure is repeated 5-6 times in andriol testocaps bodybuilding a single session (sequentially in each pocket). At each change of the tampon easier and it penetrates deeper into the alveolar pocket. Recent tampons are left loose to lie in the pockets, the patient is released until the next day with the recommendation to remove the most tampons in the case of temperature increase (due to purulent exudate) or other violations of health and consult a dentist.
In the second session of treatment remove tampons, left after the first visit and remove the subgingival calculus. Consistently investing some tampons in each pocket as in the first session. Recent tampons also leave as much as possible for 24 hours.
The treatment is carried out at intervals of three months. 17-20 should conduct treatments by the above method, depending on the disease and condition of the patient. It is necessary that the first 5-6 sessions performed with 24 hours intervals. The following treatments are appointed by the dentist.
At the end of 5 – 6 months after treatment is carried out a control examination of the patient. Regardless of the state of the gums make 1 – 2 treatments (if necessary more) processing Maraslavinom the same places on the alveoli to eliminate possible microbial pathogens process. The final examination is carried out 12 months after the start of treatment.

Side effects
are possible allergic reactions. When imposing tight tampons possible low-grade fever, caused by a purulent exudation. These phenomena disappear after removal andriol testocaps bodybuilding of tampons. jintani labs